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A boy and his poodle.

My wife says I can be a little heavy on the testosterone. To balance that out, she insists I take the poodle out in public. Luckily, it’s too big for the front basket on my bike. So, I try to take the poodle for a hike. But at some point it simply stops moving forward, usually halfway between where we started from and and where we’re going. Taking the poodle for a walk is bad enough. Taking the poodle for a drag is punishment for something I did in a past life. In Golden Gate Park, I’ve watched enviously as dozens of men, women and even children are pulled through the park by their dogs on their skate boards. Of course, those are dogs, not poodles.

Fortunately, at Clavey, we started getting into stand up paddleboards around the same time I began courting my wife. This meant, that by the time her poodle officially became my step-poodle, I already had a sport I could share with my new four legged friend and her ridiculous haircut.

And for these little adventures my stand up paddleboard of choice is the Surftech French 11’6″ soft top. Wide, stable and with a nice soft, grippy deck covering the entire deck – stem to stern, rail to rail. This is the perfect family board – even if the members of your family literally have two left feet.

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