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Eddyline Sitka LT – First Impressions

When news first leaked out on the new mid-size Sitka LT day touring boat from Eddyline Kayaks, I was excited!

For our area, I’ve often felt that a boat in the 14’ range is somewhat perfect: short enough to maneuver but long enough for decent tracking and hull speed; and with enough space for a quick overnighter. The Sitka LT is just that: it thinks it’s 16’ with the skeg down; but with the skeg up it turns more like it’s 12’ kayak. 


Eddyline Sitka LT Day Hatch

A welcome addition to the design of the Eddyline Sitka LT is a new day hatch just forward of the cockpit. It’s large enough to store a few small items within arms reach like a phone, keys and even a beverage.

I found the cockpit’s roomy length perfect for my 34” inseam, as compared to other boats in this 14’ range, which made it easier to get in and out especially from a dock launch.


Lots of leg-room in the cockpit of the Sitka LT.


Eddyline’s cushy Infinity Seat with interchangeable back support.

At 47 lbs, it was no problem to shoulder the Sitka LT when loading and unloading and then carrying to and from the water. It comes standard with the Infinity Backrest, but if you prefer the Backband seat-back, we do keep extras on hand.


Paddling the Sitka LT upstream on the Petaluma River.

A few hours of paddling up and down on the Petaluma river allowed me to see how the Sitka LT handles in both a narrow stream-like setting and then later on the downstream section where the river opens up and is subject to tidal current and wind. Like most Eddyline boats the Sitka LT responds quite well to simple leaning to make a course correction, and with plenty of secondary stability this is done easily and with confidence.  A quick sweep stroke is all it takes to make a tighter turn. On an outgoing tide I had no need for the skeg except to take a break from paddling which I deployed so the boat would track straight with the current pushing me.

My personal boat is 17’ Looksha which has been the right boat for family trips, where I might have to tow another paddler and carry extra gear. It’s also good for the occasional tour that I work. But for personal paddling enjoyment my new go-to kayak will be the Sitka LT! And of course we have one in our demo fleet waiting for you try out. Stop by the store soon to see the Eddyline Sitka LT for yourself.

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