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Livin’ The Dream – John Lyons

Meet John Lyons – Sales Rep for Livin The Dream Inc.

(Yakima, Whispbar, SURFTECH, Chums, Beyond Coastal)


Latest entry in our ongoing Blog series – “Meet Our Sales Reps!”

Tell us a bit about your background.  

Growing up on the St Lawrence river in Upstate New York/Ontario Canada I developed an appreciation for being in the outdoors. In 1998 I moved to the Lake Tahoe basin for a season of skiing and snowboarding. It was such an amazing winter season that I stayed for the summer and began white water kayaking and mountain biking. Tahoe is still home and I continue to be an active participant in several sports.

What was your first job? What led you to your current job as a sales associate for Livin The Dream Inc.?

My first job in the outdoor industry was a multi sport retail and rental business in Upstate New York. Since then I’ve worked in several specialty sporting goods businesses, including bicycles, boating, ski and snowboards. While working at a Tahoe Marina I was contacted about an employment opportunity for regional marketing with K2 Sports. Transitioning from that position, I joined LivinTheDream Inc, in a sales position working with K2 skis, Inline skates and snowboards. With the addition of Yakima products our agency has been able to become a more well rounded and year round based business.

What do enjoy most about being a sales rep? What’s your biggest challenge?

Having such diversified products allows me to have a wide variety of retailers to work with. This has also allowed me to get know the California landscape. I still always enjoy when I get to find a new road to travel on. The greatest challenge for me is being organized enough to keep track of all of the different businesses.

What’s the most popular car rack accessory that Yakima sells?

This years best seller is the JayLow – the folding J cradle kayak carrier. It’s gone well past our initial expectations.

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve seen being transported on a Yakima rack?

A bicycle zip tied into a kayak mount! This is not recommended. I’m often amazed at what some people “think” is a good idea when transporting their gear. Helping people have a fun adventure is what the Yakima brand is about. Please travel safe, so you can have those great adventures.

Out of all the products that you rep, what’s the one item that our customers should have?

Beyond Coastal SunScreen. In California it’s sunny over 300 days out of the year. The product helps hydrate your skin and is an active prevention of skin cancers. My wife makes sure I’m a daily user.

Which Surftech SUP do you paddle?

Depends on the day. The majority of the time I paddle I’m solo, so I enjoy the Commander 12 prone because it provides an awesome workout by strengthening my back and shoulders as well as focuses on stabilizer muscles. For fast paced sessions or downwinding I use the Bark D2 or Downwinder. The New Saber 12’6 though is proving to be my go to board for more casual paddles with friends and is stable enough to bring one of my dogs(with a life vest).

Which rack system do you use to transport it?

The SupPup. It’s just easy to use. I will be upgrading to the locking SupDawg in the next month. If I am traveling for an event and bringing multiple boards the RackNRoll trailer works really well.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not on the road as a sales rep?

John Lyons Lake Tahoe

Get outdoors. I let the weather dictate which activity to participate in. One of my favorite things to do is the “Triple play”. Ski, Paddle and Bike all in one day. It makes the beer at the end of the day taste even better!

Anything else you would like to add?

I just feel lucky enough to be able to participate in so many fun activities and to have great family and friends to share it with.


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