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Skier To Surfer – Ryan Mahoney

Meet Ryan Mahoney – Boardworks SUP Sales Rep for Clavey Paddlesports


3rd in our Blog Series – “Meet Our Sales Reps!”

Tell us a bit about your background. What was your first job? When did you first get involved with the SUP industry?
I grew up in Utah and was an avid skier so naturally my first job was working in a ski repair shop during  high school. When I moved to California 9 years ago I became a surfer and started working in the Boardworks warehouse. It was a great beginning but I saw an opportunity to start a local delivery route for Southern California dealers, and soon became the sales rep thereafter.

What do enjoy most about being a sales rep? 
Being a sales rep gives me freedom to be my own boss and to have a flexible schedule so I can be with my family.  I get to talk about and do what I love… being on the water!

Describe the most unusual trend that you’ve experienced in SUP. Any future trends you see happening in SUP in the next 5 – 10 years?
I have been surprised by the amount of people who have embraced the race and fitness trend within the SUP world.  As far as the future…I  think SUP will continue to spread inland, and the amount of manufacturers will decline as it happened in the snowboard industry.

Best piece of advice that you can give to a beginning stand up paddler?
It’s easy! Have fun and keep your eyes in front of you.

Which is your go-to Boardworks SUP  and Why?
I’m a surfer, so I use the 8’8 Mini Mod. It performs great in the surf !

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not on the road as a sales rep?
Hang out with my family on the beach, camping.

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Video of Boardworks Crew Checking Out the Mini Mod Surf SUPs

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