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The Team Clavey Crew

Our Team Clavey crew of guides, instructors, and in-store staff are exceptional and you’ll enjoy spending time with them whether you’re calling us directly, shopping in our store, paddling on a tour, or participating in a class.


Jeff Kellogg – Owner of Clavey Paddlesports. Jeff’s days can include everything from rigging the trailer for the next kayak/sup adventure to paying the bills. He’ll jump at any opportunity to get away from his desk to help our customers find and choose the perfect boat, board and accessories. His favorite pastimes are paddling anything that floats, spending time with his family, and making his mountain bike go as fast as possible down local single track trails.


Anne Kellogg – Owner Anne Kellogg has a passion for helping our customers to get on the water! Her sales approach is complimented by her background in teaching a variety of outdoor activities and sports to adults and kids.  She’s certified by the World Standup Paddleboard Association and as a physical educator. When Anne is not working in the store, you’ll find her on a paddling adventure with her family.


Raini Kellogg – works occasionally as a kayak guide on our tours, and in the store. She’s certified in First Aid and CPR and has completed kayak on-water rescue classes. As soon as she could walk Raini started rafting and kayaking by riding in the front hatch of Jeff’s kayak. By the time she was 10 years old Raini was in her own kayak and soon after stand up paddleboarding. She’s currently working as a 5th grade teacher and in her spare time  enjoys reading, listening to music, and participating in other outdoor activities.

Kristine Norton –  Our lead kayak guide and kayak instructor, Kristine has been a part of the Clavey team since 2014. A lifetime outdoor enthusiast, Kristine has been kayaking on Tomales Bay and surrounding waterways for many years. She’s certified in First Aid and CPR and has completed on-water rescue training. A certified member of ACA, she’s currently working toward her L3 certification. When not paddling Kristine enjoys spending time with her family and friends, or enjoying her other hobbies like cycling, snowboarding, and hiking.

Debbie Grima-Lowe – Originally from Australia, Debbie joined the Clavey Crew as a kayak guide in 2018. She’s certified as a Wilderness First Aid Responder and takes every opportunity to advance her paddling skills. With a background in fisheries and years teaching middle school science, she’s thrilled to share her passion and knowledge of aquatic ecosystems. In her spare time Debbie immerses herself in nature with friends and family, paddling, hiking, birding, drawing or crafting.

Bree B Arthur – joined the Team Clavey Crew as a kayak guide in 2019. Her lifelong love of water began early on in her grandparents swimming pool, and continues to this day with whitewater rafting on many rivers in the west, kayaking, swimming, and visiting hot springs. When Bree is not guiding or enjoying all activities in, on, or near the water with friends and family, she works as an Aquatics Recreation Coordinator and certified Lifeguard for the City of Santa Rosa.


Scott Terriberry –  is our master kayak guide and instructor who has taught many paddlers from beginners to advanced expedition level. Scott is A.C.A. trained and Wilderness First Responder certified. Lately his focus has mainly been on instructing private kayak lessons to individuals, and our Tides and Currents class. Scott has also taught college courses in the San Juans, and at the Golden Gate. When Scott’s not guiding or teaching for Clavey, he enjoys traveling, paddling, and teaching on the waters of Alaska, British Columbia and Baja Mexico.

Chandell Bio Photo

Chandell Beeson – an experienced kayak guide on both Tomales Bay and Lake Tahoe, she loves to share her enthusiasm for the outdoors and passion for conservation efforts. Chandell is continually inspired to guide on Tomales Bay because there’s always something new to see, and she enjoys getting people out on the water for a fun and educational experience they will remember for years. When not in a kayak or on a paddleboard, Chandell also works as a Certified Massage Therapist.