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The Team Clavey Crew

Our Team Clavey crew of guides, instructors, and in-store staff are exceptional and you’ll enjoy spending time with them whether you’re calling us directly, shopping in our store, paddling on a tour, or participating in a class.



Jeff Silky Kellogg - Jeff’s days at Clavey can include everything from rigging the trailer for the next kayak/sup adventure to paying the bills. He’ll jump at any opportunity to get away from his desk, so you’ll find him out working a tour whenever possible. His favorite pastimes are paddling anything that floats, spending time with his family, and making his mountain bike go as fast as possible down single tracks in the backyard.



Tom Che Meckfessel - Between keeping the website fresh as a daisy and making the best paella any Spaniard ever dreamed of, Tom is, to say the least, a busy man. So please, Please, PLEASE don’t ask him how the surf is. We at Clavey HQ are extremely busy and if Tom gets more than two surf-related questions a day, we have to take a pay cut. But when the beach has no break, you’ll find him on the river with the rest of us non-surfing types, whipping up gourmand meals and keeping a weary eye on his private stash of Ranier Ale.



Scott Terriberry –  has been a sea kayak guide for 18 years working the waters from Alaska and British Columbia to Baja Mexico. He is A.C.A. trained, W.F.R certified and has taught many classes from beginners to advanced expedition paddlers. He has taught college courses in the San Juans, Tide and Current classes at the Golden Gate, and expedition travel in Mexico and British Columbia. Scott is one of the founders of Point Reyes Outdoors, a sea kayak touring company in Point Reyes Station.



Anne Kellogg – Anne has over 30 years of experience teaching a variety of outdoor activities and sports to adults and kids. She’s certified by the World Standup Paddleboard Association and as a physical educator. Her patient, kind, and friendly approach to teaching helps her students gain confidence in the skills they need to enjoy stand up paddling. When Anne is not out on the water teaching you’ll find her working in the store. In her free time she loves going on adventures with her husband Jeff, their daughter Raini and Matt the dog.


Raini Kellogg - is a kayak guide on many of our tours, and instructor for summer kayak and SUP camps. She’s certified in First Aid and CPR and has completed kayak on-water rescue classes. As soon as she could walk Raini started rafting and kayaking by riding in the front hatch of Jeff’s kayak. By the time she was 10 years old Raini was in her own kayak and soon after stand up paddleboarding. She’s currently a student at Humboldt State University. In her spare time she enjoys reading, listening to music, and participating in other outdoor activities.


Ryan Bio Pic

Ryan Bruce – joined our Team Clavey Crew in 2014. He’s an all-around-kind-of-guy who works in the Clavey store, guides on many of our kayak tours as well as assists with kid’s summer kayak and SUP camps. A graduate of Sonoma State University, Ryan earned a degree in Environmental Studies and Planning with a concentration in Outdoor Leadership. He’s certified as an EMT and Wilderness First Responder, and has completed on water rescue training. Ryan’s enthusiasm for the outdoors (and life in general) will help to make your kayak tour or in-store shopping a delightful experience.


Kristine's Bio Pic

Kristine Norton -  A lifetime outdoor enthusiast, Kristine has been kayaking on Tomales Bay and surrounding waterways since 2005. She’s certified in First Aid and CPR and has completed on-water rescue training. When not paddling Kristine enjoys spending time with her family and friends, attending school, or enjoying her other hobbies of cycling, snowboarding, and hiking.


Patrick's Bio Pic

Patrick Norton – Raised by coyotes in the hills of western Sonoma County, Patrick brings an interesting element to our team. He has an innate understanding of the natural history of the area, and instincts for survival. Be careful with any treats you bring along on your trip, as his sense of smell is keen, and his appetite insatiable. When not working deep undercover as a private detective he can be found literally moonlighting on Tomales Bay.


Chandell Bio Photo

Chandell Beeson – an experienced kayak guide on both Tomales Bay and Lake Tahoe, she loves to share her enthusiasm for the outdoors and passion for conservation efforts. Chandell is continually inspired to keep coming back year after year to guide on Tomales bay because there’s always something new to see and she enjoys getting people out from their work and daily life routines to give them a fun and educational experience they will remember for years. When not in a kayak or on a paddleboard Chandell also works part time as a Certified Massage Therapist.



Matt - When Matt is not on one of his many rafting, SUPing, or kayaking adventures you’ll find him in the store anxiously awaiting for someone, anyone, to throw the frisbee for him. In his spare time he enjoys long walks, chasing squirrels, and hanging out with his humans.


Daisy the dog

Daisy – The official greeter at Clavey you’ll (usually) meet Daisy when entering our store. Give her head a pet or scratch behind her ears and you’ll find you’ll have a friend forever. When she’s not outside basking in the sun, Daisy will most likely be sitting patiently by Tom waiting for a rawhide chew or fast asleep under Jeff’s desk. In her spare time she loves joining her humans on bike rides and runs.


Where are they now?

We like to stay in touch with our past Team Clavey crew members. Here’s what they’re up to now!



Randy Kneeland - retired from Clavey in 2015 and is enjoying his days living on the Mendocino Coast and paddling his favorite rock gardens, working around the house, and spending time with his love - Ilse and their dog Max.



Scotto the Skipper Galbreath - retired from Clavey in 2014, he now has more time to sail his boat and to try his hand at selling real estate.



Jackie Single – Although no longer guiding trips for Clavey she still enjoys paddling.




Shane McColgin –  retired from teaching kayaking classes and guiding kayak tours she now spends her time with her husband, her horse and their dogs.



Shelby Russell Neubauer - retired from teaching SUP Yoga to pursue her roots as an owner/stylist/colorist at Sparrow Hair Co.



Aluxa Laliker –  retired from teaching kayaking classes and guiding kayak tours she now spends her time managing her busy catering company, The Oyster Girls – Traveling Oyster Bar.