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Trip Report and Boat Review

My daughter Raini and I led 7 hearty souls who braved the rain on Sunday for a trip on the Petaluma River. In a constant drizzle and rain, we paddled through the marsh and tidal sloughs. The marsh is a fascinating place to explore, with signs of life everywhere. Route finding is very critical though, take a wrong turn and you’ll find yourself in a dead end. And you’ve got to pay attention to the tide as it can leave you high and dry very quickly.

On this trip I decided to test paddle the Delta 15.5 After spending a couple of hours paddling, here is a brief sketch of my impressions: beautiful attention to detail–the hatches are easy to use, lift handles are comfortable. The seat was easy to adjust and comfortable. For a 15′ kayak with rudder, the boat is light and the length makes it easy to carry over your shoulder. It does decent lean turns, and I never deployed the rudder. The cockpit is generously-sized, making it a good choice for folks who don’t want a keyhole-style cockpit. The Delta 15.5 isn’t the fastest boat on the water, it combines stability with reasonable responsiveness and great load carrying capability.
By Jeff Kellogg

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