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Let’s Talk Poo

Let’s Talk Poo

If you spend more than a day out on the river or bay, you’re going to have deal with the issue of human waste. Following the Leave No Trace principles means if you pack it in, you’ve gotta pack it out. We’ve got a few solutions for this.

ECO-Safe Toilet Systems

The ECO-Safe Toilet System features a plastic holding tank to store human waste until it can be disposed of properly. It features a toilet seat/funnel to make sure you hit the target into the tank. The tank can be used by itself, but is designed to drop into a military surplus large ammo can (aka rocket box). This is a heavy duty steel case that uses a watertight locking lid – many surplus stores have them readily available. So the tank is not likely to have any leaks, an important consideration if you’re packing this up and loading on a raft every day. We like this system for larger groups because of its capacity. You can use 1 ammo can for the tank, and another for the lid plus cleaning supplies and extra TP etc.

The SK System is a compact holding tank system best used by an individual or couple and is designed to fit inside a kayak. It features a unique folding seat that folds and stores around the tank. 

As we all know waste can get stinky after a couple of days. To keep this under control, we use RTB780 which is a microbe based product that when activated, digests waste and reduces bulk and odor. Works great the in the Eco Safe systems and is safe for septic systems. Just drop the self-dissolving packet into the tank after the first use.

EcoSafe systems can be drained and cleaned at most RV dump stations, and is Scat machine compatible. It also complies with river permit systems.

Cleanwaste Systems

The Cleanwaste Systems uses a large plastic bag to hold waste and has some magical “poo powder” that reduces the waste bulk and gels liquids. It’s legal to toss into the dumpster after the trip so clean up is less involved than the Eco Safe system.

It’s available with a handy folding Portable Toilet Seat System

that the bag can be attached to. After a few uses you tie the bag up and stuff it into the supplied zip-lock bag for disposal. We like this system for smaller trips, and kayak trips due to it’s compact size and ease of use. With larger groups you need to be careful to monitor the bag so it does not get overfilled. Note that this system may not be approved for use by all permitting agencies, always check first

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