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About CLAVEY Paddlesports

In 1994 we opened our doors to boaters looking for Avon Riverboats, stout ash oars and dry bags that would stand up to the most abusive of conditions. As those items were the extent of our elaborate, one page, black & white catalog that first year, we needed a name that said, this is no frills, professional, whitewater rafting equipment.

Our name originates from the largest rapid (and the only class V) on the wild and scenic Tuolumne River, Clavey Falls is everything we’ve ever loved about being on the river. The camp at Clavey is awesome, with the confluence of the Clavey River (so nice and warm from its shallow decent over the hot California rocks) burbling in from the right, a slow moving pool of trout filled water to fish or swim and a fantastic hike up the banks of the Clavey to some of the Sierra’s best diving pools. Clavey Falls is one of California’s great whitewater rapids. The highlight of a unbelievably great river trip on the T. Ask anyone who’s run the Tuolumne. They all have a Clavey story.

We still sell rafting gear but also kayaks, paddleboards, all the accessories including car racks to carry it all away on. Known as the North Bay Paddling Headquarters, stop by the CLAVEY Paddlesports store at 409 Petaluma Boulevard South in Petaluma, California to find everything you need for your next paddling adventure. And remember…Life is short…Get on the water!